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Kay Robbins, Mark Robinson, and David Senseman (2004)

Visualizing cortical waves and timing from data

In: IEEE Visualization 2004, pp. 401-408.

Waves are a fundamental mechanism for conveying information in many physical problems. Direct visualization techniques areoften used to display wave fronts. However, the information derived from such visualizations may not be as central to aninvestigation as an understanding of how the location, structure and time course of the wave change as key experimentalparameters are varied. In experimental data, these questions are confounded by noise and incomplete data. Recognition of wavesin networks of neurons is additionally complicated by the presence of long-range physical connections and recurrentexcitation. This paper applies visual techniques to analyze thestructural details of waves in response data from the turtle visual cortex. We emphasize low-cost visualizations that allowcomparisons across neural data sets and variables to reconstruct the choreography for a complex response.

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