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Lawhern, V, Hairston, WD, and Robbins, K (2013).
DETECT: a MATLAB toolbox for event detection and identification in time series, with applications to artifact detection in EEG signals.
PLoS ONE, 8(4):e62944.

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A bag-of-words model for task-load prediction from EEG in complex environments
In: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, vol. 2013.

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A framework for content-based retrieval of EEG with applications to neuroscience and beyond
In: Proceedings International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (to appear), vol. 2013.

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Characterization and robust classification of EEG signal from image RSVP events with independent time-frequency features
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EEGVIS: a MATLAB toolbox for browsing, exploring, and viewing large datasets
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SIDECACHE: Information access, management and dissemination framework for web services
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Mobbed Views: A Basic Viewing Infrastructure for Mobile Brain-Body-Environment Decision-Making
University of Texas at San Antonio, Technical Report(TR-2011-018).

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SIDEKICK: Genomic data driven analysis and decision-making framework
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Propagating waves mediate information transfer in the motor cortex
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Unix Systems Programming: Communication, Concurrency, and Threads

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