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Davis (Data Viewing System) is a general-purpose data viewer designed for the simultaneous display of a large number of dynamic data sets. Davis was inspired by the need to explore computational models of the cerebral cortex. These systems are distinguished by complex dynamic elements interconnected in irregular patterns. Neuroscientists study the detailed behavior of individual elements and how these elements interact to achieve cortical function. This paper describes Davis and its use in cortical visualization.

Davis is written in Java and can be run from a browser or as a standalone application. Users must provide an XML description of their data, which Davis uses for its menus, browsing and visualization. Davis visualizations can be applied to any collection of space-time data sets, and the Davis infrastructure allows visualizations to be added easily.


Davis is now available. See Download instructions.

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You can try DAVIS out at the following link:


DAVIS java doc

DAVIS tutorials

DAVIS visualization examples

Primary funding from this project was provided by NSF 217884: CRCNS: How is Information Encoded In Turtle Cortex?