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Davis Tutorials

The fastest way to learn Davis is to actually work through the tutorials. All of the tutorials use data from the samples provided with the distribution. The tutorials and visualization guide also provide detailed information about the parameter settings for each example, so you can actually work through the examples when you run Davis. Here is a summary of the tutorials and what they cover:


  • Installing Davis provides instructions for downloading and installing Davis on different platforms as well as running Davis on the web using the Java Web Start technology.
  • Using Davis walks through a typical session of using Davis.
  • Setting preferences shows how to set parameters for the different visualizations including how to scale the data, what color maps to use and how data ordering affects what you see.
  • Setting up your own data in Davis explains Davis data models and illustrates how different types of data can be described using XML and visualized in Davis.
  • Live demos show you how to use Davis in a step-by-step way.


See the Davis Visualization Guide for additional information about specific visualizations.